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Now in our fourth generation, we continue to produce bricks. We have been dedicated to this activity for over 50 years, and we have now become a leader in the sector.

We have evolved from manufacturing bricks for enclosure and partition walls, to the highest-quality Clinker face bricks.

A lot of effort and imagination to achieve a large variety of colours and formats with the quality of Ladrillos Mora.

Located in Illescas, Toledo, Spain, we have been exporting Clinker bricks to the five continents for years, not forgetting the Spanish market, our top clients when it comes to face bricks and home to much of the best current architecture.

We are researching the reuse of waste from other sources, such as glass/crystal, which once micronised in our grinding plant, we add to our clays within the framework of an interesting and ambitious project called Life Clay Glass, supported by the European Union.

This project aims to demonstrate that it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions in the ceramics industry. To this end, it proposes the use of recycled glass as an additive, which allows a lower consumption of clay, a natural resource, while also proposing a viable alternative for a material that is currently being discarded.

In our laboratory, we continuously carry out mass colour testing for our clay and mineral-based bricks acquired in various regions of Spain.

We research different formats and colours to manufacture the bricks demanded by all national and international markets.

We carry out a thorough quality control in our laboratory, both to control the manufactured product and to improve the technical characteristics of the bricks, such as absorption, resistance, geometry, etc., on a daily basis.

The original design of our factory was based on optimising the use of energy and making the most of natural resources.

We use clean fuels and reuse the energy obtained, in order to generate the least impact on the environment and reduce greenhouse gases, always following international protocols and the most cutting-edge technology in the sector (BAT).

We manufacture a product that is 100% natural, inert, free of pollutants and raw materials that damage the ecosystem.

  • We use photodegradable packaging

  • We generate photovoltaic solar energy

  • We manage our hazardous waste

  • We control particulate emissions

  • We carry out ambient noise measurements

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